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19 Luglio | News & Events

Innovation starts with people; this is how at Disaronno Ingredients we seek excellence and promote the culture of Artisanal Gelato with professionalism and pas- sion; for the occasion, the Education, Creation & Application Institute bears the American flag and opens its US hub.

The adoption of a modern working method is the distinctive element that led us to want to expand the headquarters of the Saronno Insti- tute into the United States, creating a space that can promote the excellence of Made in It- aly products and the quality of raw ingredients and transmit the heritage of six brands that

have always distinguished themselves within the sector, both nationally and internationally. With the objective to create value for our clients by offering them a space where they can expand their training, develop in-depth knowledge, and accomplish challenging goals, the first classes at this new hub were held on May 16-17-18. 

16-17/05 Introduction to Gelato: a course that presents the fundamental concepts of artisanal gelato regarding both technical as- pects as well as production

18/05 Fantasy Gelato: a colourful, fun day where participants learn the main techniques for decorating gelato

“It is a great feeling to see this project come to life, a successful project that will allow us to share and immerse our clients in the cul- ture of Italian-style Artisanal Gelato.” This was the comment of Michele Tremolini Director of Operations – Americas. It was a great accomplishment that involved firsthand all the peo- ple of the branch, especially Lizie Brito, Cus- tomer Service Excellence Coordinator, for all the organizational coordination. At the grand opening, two of the top instructors were pres- ent, Stefano Macagno, Technical Service Ex- cellence Manager, and Chef Sabrina Mancin, who presented the Introduction to Gelato and Fantasy Gelato courses over the three days. Gelato Shops are the beating heart of the Insti- tute. For this reason, we provide courses based on the various levels of the candidates, and that adopt an approach that can be more or less spe- cific based on the needs of the participants or on the objective that they have set for themselves. To participate in the courses at this new location, or for more information, please write an email to instituteusa@disaronnoingredients.com